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Hi folks.


I flew a mission in the A10c II and Georgian Hammer campaign. I'd completed the mission and had been told I could either RTB or stay up and look for targets of opportunity.  I thought I'd go and check out a FARP that wasn't too far away and this took me directly over an airfield. As I got closer I noticed a MiG 29 lining up to take off and surely enough afterburners lit and off he shot down the runway, rotated, gear up and started a left climbing turn.  Well, I couldn't pass up on this could I? Selected A-A, Sidewinder, did some pretty spiffy, agressive manoevering and... tone...Tone....TOne... TONE......shoot. Perfect shot, big bang, smoke, flame etc followed by a black bundle exiting aeroplane on top of a rocket flame and then by a deployed parachute. YAAAY me, first fighter A-A in the Hog.


After landing go to end mission as usual and the darn thing froze. Wouldn't let me end mission, only cancel and lose all details.


Now, that was MY kill, I feel I deserve it after all that mud moving and I feel robbed, yes, ROBBED by the prog not letting me end mission as normal.


Can anyone please tell me how I can edit the logbook lua file so my A-A kill shows please?






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I would know how to do it because I studied the file format and managed to export the campaign data to a MS-Access database. But explaining how to do it in a post? That would be a long story. I pass.


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Open up your logbook file (\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\MissionEditor\logbook.lua) in your favorite text editor and search for aaKills. There are multiple instances, each belonging to the respective airframe. There is also an overall kills number, which sits outside of the plane nodes. Hopefully, this will make it a bit clearer:


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