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Optional outer pylons for Black Shark 3

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From my understanding, the prominent configuration for the Ka-50 specifically was only a 4-pylon version, with the 6-pylon configuration being the Ka-52.  I also understand that the Ka-50 never went into full production, that the Ka-52 (which was an evolution of that aircraft) did go into full production, and that there were proposals to use the Ka-52 as the command & control aircraft for a team of Ka-50's.


I'm not arguing any of those points or discussions.  This is simply a wish for the option to play the Ka-50 in a more historical aspect (such as the combat trials in Chechnya in 2001) without needing the Black Shark 2 module.  (It is my understanding BS2 and BS3 will be separate modules, like A-10C and A-10C II)


Specifically, my suggestion would entail an implementation like the F-16 or F-18 weapon loadout/rearm menu, where you can select "REMOVE PYLON" as an option in the drop-down menu for the outer two pylons that are being added in BS3, and the X is placed in the box.

From the looks of it, the outer two pylons on the Ka-52 don't look like they are very easily removed, if at all, but I think this would be a useful feature for fictional, but historically-based, campaigns during the time when the Ka-50 was still planned to enter service in it's 4-pylon configuration, and preventing players and campaign developers alike from having to rely on the BS2 module.

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