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Big Fire/smoke - ability to both create them from DCS API and also Destroy them

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I would like the ability to both create (which we can with trigger command) - but it does not return a reference object (which would be needed to destroy it later) or the ability to assign a name to the created object (also another way to destroy the fire/smoke object) eg:

info here https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_effectSmokeBig


trigger.action.effectSmokeBig(Vec3, 3, 0.75, "mysmoke")


local smoke_object = trigger.action.effectSmokeBig(Vec3, 3, 0.75, "mysmoke")



Also be able to destroy the created big fire or big smoke object at a later stage in the mission eg:





I would also like this to work in both Single player and Multiplayer


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