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NAVGRID YY entry overwriting INS OWN A/C position

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So I'd had this issue twice so far, and both times required an RTB to realign.

This is in a cold start jet.

In the backseat (with a human pilot on MP) I selected NAVGRID on the CAP, then attempted to enter the YY pos. Instead of entering NGYY, it entered as OWN A/C and broke the INS. Given that the error was pretty huge, a TACAN fix wasn't able to solve the problem. We were also operating in the Novorossiysk region, so the nearest TACAN station is 200+ nautical away, making it much less accurate even if it could correct that error.


So is there a rookie mistake that could lead to that issue, or maybe a bug with the AWG-9 logic?

Is there some way I can know for certain what the coordinates I'm typing are going effect?

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Half-action cycle everytime you try to input coordinates to prevent overwriting previous TID hooks.

In your words, it's the AWG-9 rookie mistake ^^ first thing we teach new 132nd RIOs


To prevent issues, the standard CAP panel routine:

> Half-action on stick to clear TID hook

> Select CAP mode/function

> Hit CLEAR button to clear possible previous inputs

> Data input

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Before I type in the coordinates, I always look at 2 things


Look at the tiny little window above the TID. If it's blank, you're good. If it says ANYTHING, symbol, waypt 1, IP, etc, I half action and cleat it. When I see that window is blank, I then look at the top of the TID and make sure a bunch of 0 are in the coordinates. That's how I know I'm good to input the YY

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My checklist:


  • Get the hell out of A/C Stab and make sure you're in GND Stab.
  • Do a half-action anywhere.
  • Now you can start punching in coordinates.

If you break INS again, use the F10 map to kind of get back on track and re-write OWN A/C again. If it's not available, TACAN beacons do still work and you can home in on them and perform a VIS FIX or an overfly fix. Or just land and re-align and forget that flight ever happened.


I'm also not sure how does a size of the error prevent you from using a TACAN fix, but I never used a TACAN fix to fix rewriting own position.


Edit: If you're in MP, there might be a human AWACS. They will be happy to help. Hoggit's got OverlordBot and it can vector you to the nearest airfield, you can perform a VIS FIX there.


Another edit: If you got wingmen, do a Link 4C fix.

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