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Hi, everybody!


I am developing a tiny server, low on numbers, high on tactics.


In this server, all ground units on both sides are to be "invisible" and only discoverable by either Cockpit Visual Recon mode or by entering specific moving zones centered on either an enemy "RC-101EB Reconjet", an enemy "RL-39C Recon Albatross" or enemy infantry.


In order to achieve that, I set up all ground vehicles as "Invisible on" with pushable tasks ("Invisible on / invisible off").


The problem is that I am using CTLD and I need the infantry that will be carried by helicopters to have those "invisibility characteristics" from the moment it spawns, and also that it can get assigned a pre-created "infantry detection threshold" moving zone, for it to discover and engage enemy tanks and other infantry as soon as they get into a certain distance, say... 300 meters.


Those options don´t exist in CTLD, as far as I know.


Furthermore, I want no crates, no transportable vehicles and no SAMs (Buk and Hawk) deployed by the choppers.


I just don´t have the skills to to that. Somebody pleeeease help me!! 


I attached the CTLD file for a Good Samaritan to modify it and I would be eternally grateful for the assistance!


My best regards, 



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