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I asked some time ago

but got no response.

It's not a game-breaker, it doesn't upset me, I understand than it's an irrelevant feature in the big scheme of things... it's just than I really like FFB just for that, trimming, and it's the reason I've been dealing with the shortcomings of using a FFB joystick for a decade and a half. I'm that weird.

So now that I also have the Mig-19 I thought about trying my luck again.

No sarcasm, no demands, actual respect, just humbly asking.

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10 minutes ago, myHelljumper said:

I'll talk to the dev about it and see what can be done.


I'm not sure we will be able to implement FFB support as there are no currently produced FFB stick on the consumer market right now.


Thanks for the understanding and respectful request.

Why does the fact ffb sticks aren't being produced have anything to do with it? 


Myself and many others use the msffb2, all aircraft in dcs have ffb support and it should be supported as much as possible. 

RTX 2080ti, I7 9700k, 32gb ram, SSD, Samsung Odyssey VR, MSFFB2, T-50 Throttle, Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals

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