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Need help setting up AI low level high drag bombing

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I try to set up an F-16 AI to do low level bombing with high drag bombs. The target is a building.


The F-16 come in at 17000 ft MSL. On the WP before the target (IP about 12 NM out) I set them to descend to 500 AGL and increase speed to 550 knots. Advanced Waypoint Actions is set to Bombing - Unguided - All in 1 pass and the marker is set to the target building.


Now the problem is that if I let the aircraft descend to 500' at IP they just start to circle there, never pushing forward to the target.


If I however raise the altitude to above 5000' AGL they press on, and release their bombs, but of course they miss...

How can I set tis attack up so that the F-16 come in low and fast and bomb the building?

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Watch, then review this mission setup in the mission editor.  The key is waypoint spacing for the AI.


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Thank you.


I was able to reproduce the somewhat lower altitude, but even in your example the AI bomber will not go below 1000' AGL. Even though you (and I) have set the altitude to be 100' AGL...


To me it appears as if 1000' AGL is a minimum bombing altitude.

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