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Hi guys,

These days I am starting to fly with the FW-190D. I saw that there is some kind of ADF, but I didn't understand exactly how to configure it. I saw that in the ME there is a setting for the AFN-2. Exactly what frequency should I enter? The frequency of the tower would be fine, but I exclude it from that. Once the frequency has been entered and the mission started, technically it is enough to put the radio switch on ABST, but which channel should I put the switch on?

I must admit that these planes are truly fascinating ...

Thank you!




Little OT: Can anyone point me to a multiplayer server on Caucasus / Gulf / Syria that has warbirds? Thank you

Nemo me impune Laecessit



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The radio navigation doesnt seem to be working for quite some time. But regardless, here you can see an example of how to set it up (the manual will probably also help a bit) 



For your server, search for "wwii" and you will find them. There is most likely no warbird only server for Persian Gulf and Syria and the ones on Caucasus are usually empty. 


The servers that have warbird in PG and Syria are usually modern scenario with modern planes. To find those, you just have to look through the list... 

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