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Radar and INS issues

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To start things off, I understand of what needs to be done for INS after the update. Waypoint 20, Long-Lat, height, and so on.
The issue I'm having is sometimes even after doing things correctly and having it work there are other times when I follow the same process and it won't align properly. I can restart the alignment process again and it may or may not work but the times I have restarted it without changing anything it has successfully aligned.

The second issue I'm having is with the radar and it's warm-up. Once I start the alignment process I set the radar to warm. Once the INS is aligned I taxi, take off and switch the radar from warm (even after the INS alignment is done the P still flashes) to silent and then to emit. The radar is not emitting even after such a long warm up.
Other times I follow the same process but instead of using the knob to go from warm, silent and then to emit I press a button on my hotas tied to "Radar Emit On" and it usually works. In fact there's a higher chance it seems to work by doing that.
Other times I've simply taken off after the INS failed to align properly after following the same process I have been where it tends to work, occasionally.
Take off, radar has been on warm so I set it to emit using the tied button, and nothing. No radar emission. Now, at this point I'm not sure if the radar will only operate if the INS aligned properly.

The problem seems fairly inconsistent but I rarely get the radar to emit which is my major problem.

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I'd need to see a track showing the INS issue, otherwise it'd be just wild guesses.


The radar standby bug is known, AFAIK the flashing "P" can be ignored and it's safe to switch the radar to silent or emit.

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I have noticed that rearming heavy stores such as fuel tanks, does sometimes make the alignment fail, when the plane shakes.
IRL they never rearm, start the engine, and even use the ladder during alignment, as it's sensitive to any vibration. Remember that alignment consists in calibrating an accelerometer down to 0.00001g  and sensing the earth rotation... you don't want to shake the plane during that.

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