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LUA Editing for additional Key Binds Tutorial. No discussion here please!

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We have countless theads with questions and discussion about how to edit the "default.lua" and equivalent files for additional key binds.

I can't even guess how many times I have responded to the same or similar questions. I had posted a tutorial on the subject in the forum "Input and Output", in the thread "How to set up toggle switches". My post is somewhere in the middle and I have trouble finding it because the new forum version no longer shows post numbers. I therefore thought it would help to re-post the tutorial in the first post of a new thread in the "Tutorials" part of the forum. Here is the document, and only the document version in this post will be updated going forward.

I intend to add collections of bindings I created for various aircraft.

I would like to keep this thread reserved for posting documents. Discussion and questions for specific aircraft modules should stay in the related subforums. This will avoid getting shared documents hidden in hundreds of posts. Also people can use PM's to ask questions or request help.

How to Edit Control Binding Files.pdf

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