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Adding the 3D model of NS430 on MB-339

Adding the 3D model of NS430 on MB-339  

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  1. 1. Several aircraft on DCS World integrated this system as 3D model with possibility to use it in cockpit. How much important is it for you? Would do you like to have the possibility to use it on the MB-339? (before answering, see the first message of this pool for further details)

    • Yes, I would like to have it because I only use this module for navigation.
    • Indifferent. I usually prefer to use the built-in navigation system of my aircraft, but each new feature is well accepted.
    • No, I prefer to have my aircraft without this feature.

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On real MB-339s, it is possible to install the GARMIN GPS Map 495 for navigation support during transfer flights. It is installed on the Gunsight support and, due to this, the GPS Map 495 and the Gunsight cannot coexist onboard during the same flight.


DCS World reproduces the NS430 Navigation System that, although it is not equal to the GPS Map 495, it could be a good compromise. As the implementation of this module on the MB-339 would be a fictional feature, it could be useful for simmers that are unfamiliar with traditional navigation systems but they want to make long navigation flights.


What do you think about it?


Please express your point of view on this pool.


As poof of the incompatibility of the "portable" navigation system and the gunsight, I attached below a pictures of the Garmin support on a MB-339A of Al Fursan aerobatic team.


Best regards,



NOTE: the NS430 already works on MB-339 for their owners as overlay window, the 3D model inside the cockpit would give you more immersion.


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