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Is there still an interest and demand for CH Products

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I have joined this forum to find out more about CH Products.


I am a big military aviation fan, from PC simulation, RC flying, model making, historical research and about two years ago I bought some CH Products, Fighter Stick, Throttle and Pedals.


But they have sat unused because in reality I realise that I am not prepared to invest the time and dedicated space required for this sort of controller setup.


As such, I’m thinking about selling them (in the UK) but wondering whether there is still a demand for them.  I appreciate that they are old technology and lack the bells and whistles of newer controllers but my understanding is that they are still sold and are considered well manufacturers and robust.


Would appreciate any views.





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Due to COVID and release of latest MS Flight Sim among other reasons, demand is ridiculously high and supply is ridiculously low so even entry level gear like the CH products should sell like hotcakes.

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Sure, they don't feature a twisting grip, but some prefer to not have that anyway. They are well made, they typically last a long time. The switches and hats are really superb IMO. They are not as "awesome" as the much more expensive Virps VK's  Wings and Warts, but they are darn good by any measurement.


I can't give you an idea of pricing, but don't price it real low, that's just cheating yourself out of money. I can't give a solid confirmation, but my guess is that you might be able to ask the full price you paid, especially considering they are unused.


That said, are you sure you don't want to try out a few simple free mods? You don't NEED to buy the Hornet and it's PHD in fire control systems management... the A-4 Skyhawk is free and not especially complex to learn, and does carrier operations. The A-29 Super Tucano, also free and not super complex. The new T-45 Goshawk trainer is also not a super complex plane, but it's free and can land and take off from the carrier, let's you shoot rockets and training smoke bombs. The AH-6 Littlebird is a light freeware attack heli with rockets and miniguns. The C-130J Super Hercules by Annubis... a nice tactical cargo plane with a long history of success and lives saved.


Just an idea you could consider.

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