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Which laser etcher/engraver are people using for creating cockpit panels?

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Hi All,


I’m in the midst of building ‘yet another’ F-18C Hornet cockpit but am looking to take the finish up a notch. So far, I’ve 3D printed the main components of the front panel (inc. UFC, DDIs, MPCD etc) but as I said, I’m looking to add a bit more realism to my build.


To that end, I’m curious to know what laser etcher/engravers people are using and what software? I’m pretty handy with Fusion360 but I understand thats a 3D modelling tool and not great for 2D?


Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

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I'm using al laser with 130W. I dont own it. I just can use it.

I'm designing everything with SOLIDWORKS. This is also a 3D CAD.

From the panels I export a dxf and import it into Lightburn.

The dxf contains 2 layers. One for the lasering contour an one for the engraving contour.


Lightburn is the software that controls the laser.


All I have to do now is set the power and speed of the laser for the two layers.


Thats it.


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I've got a 3020 CNC machine that I use to engrave my panels. I'm happy with the results I've got so don't feel the need to get a laser module at this stage.

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