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Airfields for upcoming Mosquito.

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Would it be possible to consider two new airfields for the Mosquito please? These are Gravesend and West Malling.


These two would certainly add to the immersion with this great aircraft.


Thank you.

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Yes, with the lengths that Ugra have gone to with regards Syria, and its expansion, I feel this map is seriously underwhelming.
In a 190d it doesnt take long to fly from one end to the other.
So perhaps its time we looked towards an expansion/upgrade;
The French side of the map is sparse, perhaps we could look at a few more airfields?

Saint-Inglevert Airfield home of the Jagdgeschwader 51.
Audembert Airbase (A big one) home of the Jagdgeschwader 26 'Schlageter', this was the unit of Adolf Gallant, a German fighter ace, who later that year was promoted to command the entire Jagdgeschwader.
Rely Airfield this airfield would play a major role in the Battle of Britain because of its proximity to England.
Amiens – Glisy Aerodrome Wikipedia says later, it was liberated by the British Second Army in August 1944. RAF and RNZAF de Havilland Mosquito operated from this field from August to November 1944 as the allied armies pushed west.
Saint- Valery - Vittefleur (another big one), After the Battle of France, the Germans began to rebuild and expand the airfield. Besides building hardened taxi tracks and dispersal areas, they also began construction of a single concrete runway. For the foundation they used rubble from the town of St. Valery-en-Caux. They also installed electrical lightning for night flying.
Cramont Airfield with a V-1 site built only 3 kilometers to the northwest (the runway still might be there today from pictures).
St.Pol-Bryas Airfield home of JG2.
Its very important we add german airfields too. So that if the day comes we get more german bombers, they have a home too.
Are we really only going to have just Merville and abbevile for German bombers.


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On 4/29/2021 at 2:45 PM, StevanJ said:



Definitely agreed!

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