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X-post - 40 mins to populate server list/connection lost?

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X-post from main 'Bugs and problems' forum as this seems more appropriate. 




Been having some issues on MP which seem to be getting progressively worse.


Launching DCS for the first time, it seems to take ages to fully populate the server list and requires multiple refreshes, exits from the lobby, exit DCS, starting up DCS again before the whole list of servers finally appears. (Note I am fully up to date with latest DCS version).


It gets there eventually and seems to settle down after a go through this, but recently has been getting worse. Last night for example it took the best part of 40mins to refresh/reload, exit, restart and find a friends server - and then when I did find it I had a couple of 'connection lost' messages booting me back out.


I can connect directly by IP fine and also hosting myself squadmates can see my server and log-in without any hassle - it just seems to be having trouble picking up all the servers and populating the list. (as well as the odd 'connection lost'). 


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