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Tips needed for creating bump maps (normal maps)

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Hello together,

I´m in need of your help.

I´m searching for the best settings to create accurate bump maps.

I´m not so familar with it. 😞

I´m working with Photoshop CS3 with the NVIDIA plugin.

I hope someone is willing to help me.



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Posted (edited)

I’ve had pretty good results with the nVidia plugin:


I make “normal map templates” with different layers for each - panel lines, rivets, fasteners, holes, screws, etc., with opacities set to personal taste but no more than 20 percent, depending on how heavy you want the effect to look.


The background colour is a neutral grey.


3D effects such as raised edges or panels, are in white, at about 10% opacity.


When you are ready, flatten the image and then use the plugin. Save as a DXT5 dds file, no mip maps.


I use these settings for the plugin:



Screenshot (76).jpg

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