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Hello All, 

can someone please show me where if any .lua files are located that store the loadouts info?  For example, if I want to save my Loadouts and be able to enable them as a mod with OvGME, what file path will I need to route it to?  If I run an update patch, or a repair I know I'll have to delete and recreate all the loadouts I want for my airframes,  I'd much rather have them saved to a .lua I can enable with OvGME to save time, just like my cockpit mods.  Thanks!

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=MCPV= "Tack"

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There are two places.  One of them is in your saved games folder which sounds ideal for what you're trying to do:


\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor\UnitPayloads\


That's the location where any custom loadouts are saved.


The main folder location is here:




Whatever is in those files will be considered the "default" by the ME.

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