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Ka-50 wingman don´t attack anything

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Anyone has this issue? No single Vikhir launch from wingman AI, after engaging ground targets order. Seems that he is aiming the missile BUT without launching.

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Been a while since I used wingmen along with the Ka-50 myself, but I do remember that you might have to either have the wingman "scout" ahead in order to generate a target list for them to have, or you might have to share some targets via datalink with them before they are able to engage. 


Others might have better advice, but I remember vaguely that's what I did back then... 

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wingmen dont work in general for ag tasks. its a widespread problem in dcs.

a-10c wingman is really broken too, refusing to attack players spi after "roger".


at this point, wingmen are merely cosmetic fluff and decoys for sams. so use them for that.

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