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Typo in the cockpit - "Außenaschluß" vs. "Außenanschluß"

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Hello there! This is my very first forum post and I want to address something rather important. While the Anton's cockpit is beautifully done, I - someone with German as their first language - have spotted a little typo on the "Kraftstoffpumpen"- or fuel pump-panel next to the pilot's right hip.


There are 5 circuitbreakers on this panel and the most forward one has the label "Außenaschluß". This is most definetly a typo. The correct spelling would be "Außenanschluß". This circuitbreaker enables ground power to be connected with the aircraft. In German, the word "außen" means "outside" and "Anschluß" means "connection", so the word "Außenanschluß" basically means "outside connection". Without the letter n, this word doesn't make any sense.


I wanted to bring this to your attention not because it ruins the Anton experience, but because I feel like a typo would be a pretty easy fix.


Cheers from Germany and thanks for providing such great products!


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8 hours ago, Chapelmaggot said:

I wanted to bring this to your attention not because it ruins the Anton experience

You are correct. Totally unplayable. 😉

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Glad they did not put in a "r" instead of the missing "n" 😅

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