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Emergency Wheel Brake Bug on A-10C II Tank Killer

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Hi All,


This is my first post on this forum. I've been playing this marvellous game for a long time. About a month ago, began to play A-10C II Tank Killer. Read lots of user guide stuff and watched so many training videos on YouTube. After a while noticed a bug or buggy thing on A10C II.


Emergency Wheel Brake works decent when I use only mouse button but it doesn't work if I use keyboard buttons. All my record is on the video which is at bottom.



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FYI: in your video you are referring to the emergency brake handle as a hand brake.  That is not what it is.  The handle shifts the brakes from the left to the right hydraulic system.  You still need to activate the brakes with the pedals.



With the left hydraulic system failed and the right hydraulic system
operative, the emergency brake system has the same capabilities
as the normal system without anti-skid. In event of a failure
of both hydraulic systems, emergency braking power is provided
by an accumulator serviced by, but isolated from, the right
hydraulic system. In the event of loss of both hydraulic systems,
sufficient accumulator fluid pressure is available for a minimum
of five full brake applications.
The system is activated by pulling the emergency brake handle,
and then actuating the brake pedals. Pulling the handle also actuates
a switch which disables the anti-skid system.


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