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CASE II in CASE III conditions

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As the title reads. You can get into situation where the carrier and surroundings are in CASE III conditions, but you will get a CASE II.

With the inability for the carrier to dynamically switch CASEs after mission start, it can become a problem.

Here, you can see that the weather is visibility under 1nm and a cloud layer under 800 feet, yet a CASE II is given. At first I thought this was due to the fact that the carrier spawns in a tiny pocket of clear weather, but then I switched weather presets from Overcast and Rain 3 to Overcast and Rain 2, which again spawns the carrier in a small, clear weather pocket, but this time a CASE III is given.

CASE III Weather preset.trkCASE II in CASE III conditions 1.trkCASE II in CASE III conditions 2.trkAll this is regarding daytime ops.

CASE III Weather preset is with Overcast and Rain 2, which does give CASE III, as it should. The other two tracks are with Overcast and Rain 3, which results in a CASE II in a CASE III conditions.



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