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Problem with ADI and HSI

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Hello guys,


I got a problem for quite a while now with the Mirage, I can't uncage the backup ADI and the HSI is in a very weird configuration. I have the backup gyro switch in the middle position and yet the ADI won't uncage. Although, I get "Horizon Secours" all the time on the HUD, preventing me for accessing the navigation cues etc. The problem started when I logged on a MP server, and since then, I couldn't uncage the ADI again. 

Furthermore, in the start-up mission, I can't use the INS pad at all. I can hear the clicks of the keypads, but nothing is doing anything.


Any ideas ?


Thanks a lot !


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To uncage the back-up ADI, you need to hold the left click and scroll down at the same time, it has been changed some time ago and it's more realistic.


For you IDN/VTH/INS problem, did you take a look at the bold text at the bottom of this post ?



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Nope, left click and dragging didn't change anything for the ADI. And the HSI still is red and not working.


Ah, indeed, I didn't see the patchnote regarding the INS, so now, everything is working regarding the INS ! Thanks !

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Posted (edited)

I didn't try the mousewheel at all, thanks for the tip, i'll try that.


EDIT: The mousewheel did the trick, thanks a lot !

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It would be good if the knob was changed so that one mouse button pulled the knob and the other was useful for click-and-drag. Right now the only rotation is possible with mousewheel. Having both mouse buttons pull is a bit of a waste. It's actually not that hard. I just deleted the 2nd binding in the clickabledata.lua. Now left mouse button pulls and right mouse button can drag to adjust. Wheel can still rotate too.


elements["PTN_325"] =    {
    class     = {class_type.BTN, class_type.LEV },
    hint    = _("Backup ADI Cage/Pitch Adjust Knob - Pull and turn to uncage"),
    device    = devices.FLIGHTINST,
    action    = { device_commands.Button_325, device_commands.Button_328 },
    stop_action    = {device_commands.Button_325, nil },
    is_repeatable = {},
    arg = {325, 328 },
    arg_value = {1.0, 0.0},
    arg_lim = {{0, 1}, {-1, 1}},
    gain = {0,0.4},
    relative = {false, false},
    cycle = false,
    use_release_message = { true, false },
    use_OBB = true

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Did you try if it's still usable with VR controllers?

Edit : I tried with mouse and it makes right click + mouse wheel unusable (which most people use). Left click + wheel is much more difficult to do on a standard mouse for a right hand. Definitely a regression.

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