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CFrag's "Dustblower" - Helicopter landing trainer in Syria

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CFrag's Dustblower - Helicopter landing trainer in Syria
v1.0 - 20210428


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TLDR: The notorious "Lawnmower" Dynamic Helicopter Landing Trainer, now in Syria by popular demand. 

CAVEAT EMPTOR: if you did not like "Lawnmower", don't even bother with this one.


"CFrag's Dustblower", sister to "CFrag's Lawnmower", is a mission to train, improve, and test your helicopter landing skills. Request a landing by difficulty (easy, normal, or hard), and the mission generates an LZ based on your request. LZs are generated dynamically, from tens of thousands of possibilities, virtually guaranteeing that no two missions are identical (unless you are unusually patient). Landings are rated individually, and after five or more consecutive landings, your overall skill is rated as well. Harshly. So better step up your game, soldier!


Currently the mission supports all DCS flyable helicopters (Huey, Ka-50, Mi-8 and Gazelle), and you can switch between airframes - just don't do it while tasked with a landing, or you'll score a zero for that landing. MP Multi-Crew is tentatively included to support Instructor / Student, but may have some lingering bugs during scoring. MP Multi-Unit is currently unsupported.




After finally acing that landing on the gas platform off Batumi's coast, you are now "Dustblower One", training with High Spire in Syria. As before, Landing zones are created dynamically based on the difficulty that you request. Unlike in Caucasus, there is currently only one location available (with possible updates if feedback warrants it):


  • Haifa
    Densely populated, Haifa is a beautiful city with a busy port. Missions here are slightly more difficult than their Caucasus (Lawnmower) counterpart, with the "difficult" missions bordering on dangerous. Also not helping: the drop-dead beautiful scenery that will distract you. Oh, and you are racing the clock in more than one way - sundown is sixty minutes after start-up. Landings will get progressively more difficult as darkness falls across the Mediterranean Sea. 


Choose your Helicopter (all types supported), then use the 'F10 Other' Command in Communications to request a landing exercise from Central. Landings are scored individually, and you accumulate a total and average score. After 5 or more landings, you are rated based on your average score. After a landing you can change helicopters and continue.


Each Landing is scored based on

  • difficulty level (easy, normal, hard)
  • time required until touchdown
  • Quality (precision)
  • Helicopter type


LZ are marked by a ring of tires with a red flag sticking out (easy and normal mission), or a ring of red flags (hard). Additionally, the position of the LZ is marked by blue smoke that is positioned just outside the LZ.

A touchdown outside of the marked LZ fails that exercise touchdown with a score of 0 (as does a crash). Aborting an exercise counts as a failed landing (Score 0) towards your total and average score.


You can request three different exercises:

  • Easy:
    your landing zone will be mostly unobstructed and can be approached from any direction. It's big enough even for inexperienced pilots to hit, maybe even land in. There is a generous time limit, and breaking the limit will simply add less to the score.
  • Normal:
    your landing zone may be partially obstructed, so plan your approach direction. Landing Zone size is still generous. Time limit is shorter, breaking the limit also only results in a lower score
  • Hard:
    your landing zone is virtually guaranteed to be obstructed from at least one side, and usually there are obstacles (trees, buildings, vehicles, power lines) close by that may even extend into your LZ. Size of the LZ is what you would expect in real-life extraction missions. Time limit is harsh, and breaking the limit will reduce the entire score to zero.


You must also avoid other units moving about, even if they intrude on your LZ. Landing on a road is therefore not advised. 


Helicopter difficulty:

  • Ka-50 (easiest)
  • UH-1
  • SA-324
  • Mi-8 (hardest)
  • (HIND: tbd)

Nobody ever said it was easy. But it's fun!


To install, download and move "CFrag's Dustblower.miz" to
    C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\
    C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\

Start DCS, then click
    - Mission (Note: NOT Training)
    - My Missions tab (upper left)
    - CFrag's Dustblower

Mission Roadmap:
- Add Other Locations 
- Better MP support
- More refined audio
- Add moving LZ
- Add more traffic for hard missions 

Version History
v1.0 - 20210428
Initial Release, based on CFrag's Lawnmower 

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