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Cockpit MFCDs and TVs performance hit

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FPS dropping from 60 to 40 or from 40 to 25-30 with a single active IR TV display (A-10A). Otherwise FPS remains 40-60.


Option request: Update MFCDs and TVs every 1-10 frames instead of every frame, independent of cockpit setting.


Though, it's NOT set to update every frame, using 512px textures only. 6 updates per second would be sufficient.


Strictly not a bug, but I didn't want to file it as a 'suggestion' due to the large hit to performance on lower end systems.


Another option NOT to render (skip) textures in MFCD and TV views may also increase performance.

They're not strictly necessary as long as land, water and mountains appear in distinct shades.

Although, that would require a filter or shader, to render them as such. Otherwise, they would appear white.


Some sort of optimization seems in order here...

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