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Case II recovery no visibility

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I am using the Open Beta, Supercarrier, Hornet combo. I was doing the Case II recovery in Missions. However, the clouds are very low. There is no visibility at 10 miles (1200 AGL), and even in close the deck cannot be seen. This would require a Case III landing. However, since this is the Case II mission, it would require me to call 'See you at 10'. If I do that, communications follow as Case II, but the deck is not visible even in close. If I do not call 'See you at 10', communications stop completely as this is the Case II mission. The circumstances would require Case III landing, but the Comms won't match. Btw, game is fantastic, and the new clouds rock! Thanks for the work

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Can confirm, attaching a track. These settings, you will be clara ship in close... can barely see the ship in external view, max zoom. All this, yet a CASE II... You won't even be allowed to land in a CASE III in these conditions, but yet.... (Hornet SC CASE II mission)


CASE II in CASE III conditions 3.trk



EDIT: Seems like this is already known and labeled as reported.


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