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Bigger glare around light source in 2.7

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I am using Oculus Rift S. I remember similar issue with Hornet position light was addressed and optimized in later days of 2.5.6. But in 2.7, all light sources seem to have a bigger glare in both day and night and it's somewhat impacting game experience.

  1. Planes with position lights at night are basically a giant lantern even at 10 miles out. In some cases the light is only rendered in one eye.
  2. IFLOLS are even more unreadable. The ball position is unrecognizable beyond 0.25 mile.
  3. When first got visual on supercarrier landing area in case III, the runway lights are very bright. I don't know if it's supposed to be this bright, but it's certainly much brighter than they were.

Anyway, the glare hasn't been realistic since I started playing DCS in VR. If this can be addressed and optimized, the lighting effects will probably be much better. At least please don't make the light source look like a mini moon at night.

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