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Hardened targets are indestructible? (

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It seems as though hardened targets such as Command Centres, Ammunition Depots, and Aircraft Hangars (Static Shelters) are indestructible (or very close to it).


In the attached track I dropped 4x AGM-154C JSOWs (the BROACH warhead versions with DLY 1 fusing) and 2x GBU-24 Paveway III "Bunker Busters" (with tail fusing) onto a single Command Centre and it survived it just fine.


I've tried the same thing with the Ammunition Depot and Aircraft Hangar that I placed next to it, too, with the same result. (These latter tests aren't shown in the track).


Test Hardened Target Fails.trk

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ED "fixed" bunkers/hardened targets....


However ED "forgot" (I'm being super nice here), to add the various bunker buster variants of warheads to DCS. I.e. BLU-109 variants of various Mk84's as a general example.,


This illustrates a general "attention to detail" problem ED has.


PS. if you have "the frog" you are "good" cuz they didn't forget to fix russian penetrator bombs...




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