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What is wrong with my vanilla PC?

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MY PC is slightly  over recommended spec - SSD - Win10 - NVidia. Card. Saiek x52. Nothing tempered with - or overclocked

Similar PCs must  have been tested thousand of times in W2.7 - flawless.


Installed only Syria map and F-16.  No map editor - just C&D straight from instant play.

And it runs perfectly. Quick install . High framerate - no stutter .


Then loading a new mission, the PC freeze with 96% memory used.


Have no idea of where or how to start troubleshooting with this simple basic setup, and not encountered during pre release tests.


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Attach the dcs.log file to take a look, even if it is not complete due to the freeze it might give some clues.


For work: iMac mid-2010 of 27" - Core i7 870 - 6 GB DDR3 1333 MHz - ATI HD5670 - SSD 256 GB - HDD 2 TB - macOS High Sierra

For Gaming: 34" Monitor - Ryzen 3600 - 32 GB DDR4 2400 - nVidia GTX1070ti - SSD 1.25 TB - HDD 10 TB - Win10 Pro - TM HOTAS Cougar - Oculus Rift CV1

Mobile: iPad Pro 12.9" of 256 GB

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If stable (2.5.6) runs/ran without the problem you mention, I would say that there is nothing wrong with your vanilla PC. You can blame it entirely on the Open Beta. The more test results that come in, the more data ED has to find a cure for the problems.

Win10 Pro 64-bit, i7-4770K @ 4.5 GHz, Corsair H100i, AsRock Extreme4, ASUS Strix 1080Ti OC 11GB, 32 GB DDR3 G.Skill 2400. Monitors: LG 27GL850-B27 2560x1440 + Samsung SyncMaster 2443 1920x1200, HOTAS: Warthog with Virpil WarBRD base & hegykc MFG Crosswind modded pedals, TrackIR4, Oculus Rift S.

Personal Wish List: A6 Intruder, Vietnam theater, decent ATC module, better VR performance!

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