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DCS 2.7 ALL SETTINGS Compared Side-by-Side | BENCHMARKS AND VISUALS to Help You Decide

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Nice video, thanks.


So resolution of cockpit displays is only for mirrors? Or it does reflection on the MFDs as well?

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I think the chimney smoke setting doesn't effect the quality of the smoke, but the number of chimneys that are actually smoking.

So higher setting = more smoke plumes. Your testing scenery does not reflect that I think.


Otherwise - good job! Thank you.

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Exactly what we needed. Superb comparison.


About the water quality setting - I think just like in 2.5.xx, "high" also adds terrain reflections (not visible on your vid, as there were no mountains near the shoreline).


About cockpit global illumination - when I was testing it last year in warbirds, the results were completely all over the place, from no visual difference whatsoever (109 for example), to massive difference both in lights and colours (Spitfire), fps - same thing, from pretty much no difference (Mustang), to about 12 fps difference (Spit and Dora). I think one just have to check how this setting affects his favourite aircraft. I'll repeat the tests in 2.7 once it matures a bit.

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