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Support one-axis pedals for wheel brakes

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The forum software did it again, deleted all the text and left the pictures only.


We have three choices for brakes.


  1. Axis for left brake
  2. Axis for right brake
  3. Axis for both brakes


We need a fix where the third option works like a rudder does, it is centered unless moving either direction.


When one axis is given it, like a TM16000 Joystick Yaw axis or VKB T-Rudders axis, then it acts so that when it is centered (50%) there is no braking applied. 

If the axis is moved from 50% toward 0% then it is applying left pedal.

If the axis is moved from 50% toward 100% then it is applying right pedal. 


This is not a problem on todays 10-16 bit resolutions and having the "Slider" function do it automatically would fix the problem. 


DCS controls wheel brakes.jpg

DCS controls wheel brakes axis settins.jpg

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