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Improved Infantry / Ground Asset AI

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With the addition of the new Mi-24P coming soon along with the AH-64D and OH-58 Kiowa, I was thinking about the current state of the ground based AI in DCS at the moment. Currently the majority of targets that you engage are static and are placed in a manner that looks very "staged" for lack of a better word. This for me personally feels very unsatisfying and can get old quite quickly. I would like to be targeting enemies that have some form of Intelligence and realism factor, comparable to ones you may engage whilst in real life operations. 


An example of this could be Infantry AI perceiving an airborne threat and reacting appropriately by moving to cover or into nearby vehicles etc. 


I hope there will be some form of improvements in this regard as I do believe the current asset behaviour is ancient and needs desperate rework. It doesn't have to be something crazy but enough to make the players feel challenged and have a close to true experience of what it may be like in ground attack operations. @BIGNEWY @Wags @PilotMi8 I welcome your thoughts on this topic as well 🙂

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I would absolutely love some infantry improvement. 

Here is a list of things I would like to see.

-Better infantry models (I hope the backseat gunners on the hind will look like actual russian soldiers and not whatever the mi-8 ones are)

-Better animations.

-Duck for cover under fire.

-Make them less accurate.

-Give them actual small arms rounds, not 20mm HE shells.

-Take more splash damage from HE cannon shells. Maybe if explosions are going off near them their aim would be way off or they would fall over and stand up.

Also why are there so many tracers?

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Hugely important for all the helicopters, as well as making Combined Arms feel more complete - CA in general needs work, but this would go a huge way towards making it actually worthwhile in its own right, rather than just "something you need to GCI for people". The Huey in particular really needs this to feel at home, as it lacks the heavier weaponry of the other helicopters and so really can only transport or fight infantry, and in both cases the flaws with the current infantry are unavoidable.

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