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Multicrew Radio Synch Issues Co-Pilot / Pilot

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I'm having some strange issues with tuning the Radio when flying multi-crew as co-pilot:

- Frequency Band selection: 5 times out of 6 a single click on the the freq band selector results in two band changes

- tuning itself: turning (via mouse wheel) the tuner wheel to change the frequency causes random forward and backward tuning, making it incredibly difficult (not to say infuriatingly so) to set a frequency correctly since even if you do hit the correct frequency, some additional random tuning impulses (up or down) will de-tune and cause loss of frequency

- Once I have tuned correctly and ADF is working for me, the pilot's instance (on their computer) may not be tuned to the same frequency, making their ADF indicator not work.


Is this a known issue and are there recommended remedies?


Kind regards,



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Have had the same problems. Multicrew in the Huey is a bit of a mess. Have also found when flying close to the ground can cause an insta-crash as if the co-pilot lags and thinks we hit the ground which causes the pilot to explode.

I don't hold much faith in the Hind or Apache if this is the current multicrew state.

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