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Bug log, please help.....(SOLVED)

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(SOLVED) New grafic driver, and its gone... I got a 2080ti btw..

I got this bug log, but cant seem to figure it out. The dll file is in its place og acording to dxdia is woorking...Anyone got a selution ?


DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19041)
# C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 98BF6BAE 00:00000000
SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.', symOptions: 534, UserName: 'K-S-N'
OS-Version: 10.0.19041 () 0x100-0x1

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Intel Core i7-6700K Cpu 4.00 GHz OC 4.8 GHz Water Cooled|32 GB DDR4 ram OC| Nvidia RTX 2080Ti| TrustMaster Warthog|Saitek Battle Pro Pedals | Logitec G13| Oculus Rift S :joystick:


I´m in for a ride, a VR ride:pilotfly:


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