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Will the saved hardware controller profiles overwrite the DCS default profiles?

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I plan on moving DCS to another computer and for each plane I exported out the Keyboard, Joystick, Rudder pedals, and the throttle profiles. I also exported out the profiles for the "General" and "UI Layer" sections. I know that I need to copy the DCS saved games folder over to the new computer. So when I run DCS, the profiles for the controllers will not exist due to the USB ID being different on the new computer, and DCS will create default profiles for my Keyboard, Joystick, Rudder Pedals, and Throttle. So, I'm assuming that once the hardware is plugged in,  I clear the profiles for the Keyboard, Joystick, Throttle, and Rudder Pedals, and then import the saved versions? Has anyone tried this?

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