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Just bought the pack. Is there a way to filter units in the mission editor so it only shows WWII units? I've seen the historical button, but I'm not sure if there's one year that I could see everything from the pack. I'd be cool to see all of them without having do look at some list out of the game.

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After selecting MISSION EDITOR from the DCS launch window, you will be prompted to either create a new mission, or open an existing one. Click "CREATE NEW" mission.


This will open the mission settings window where you first choose the map(I can highly recommend the Normandy map for WWII scenes if you don't already have it);


And then you must set the coalition presets. Select WWII as the preset and click OKAY to start the Mission Editor.


After opening your new mission, you should also set the correct date using the "Date, Time, Weather" button on the left hand margin of the screen. If you set the date to 1944, you should see most of the WWII assets available as you go to place them on the map from the various lists (Infantry, armor ect...).


The exception to this as far as I know is for the USA infantry. There is a known bug in the mission editor date that causes the USA infantry to be missing from the list unless the date is set to 1957.


You can read about it here:


If you want to see whether the assets you placed are from the WWII Assets pack, you can use the "VIEW UNITS LIST" button on the left hand margin of the screen.

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