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Weapon panel build


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Ok, here is the first prototype of my weapons panel.


The back is made from 6mm acrylic which will be painted black, the front overlay is printed on a laser printer and then laminated for durability. No backlighting as this point.


The switches, displays and LED's are connected to an IOCard MasterCard + DisplayCardII.




  • Make the final front overlay (note the mismatch between the holes and LEDs etc on the pictures below) and glue it to the acrylic.


  • Paint the acrylic.


  • Rewire the the displays for a neater look (notice the wires sticking out of the top). For the next panel I'll definitively make a custom PCB instead of the current spaghetti approach :)


  • Make the round safety covers on a lathe(one red,one black) for the jettison switches.


  • Connect all the switches.



Some pictures:


The acrylic + the overlay.




Testing the first display





Testing the displays




Testing the full panel.


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Update with new pictures
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What you guys are doing with these control boards are great, I'm going to have to learn how to get these working with the sims. I know I can make the panels, I jsut don't know how to import and export the data to the panel.

The above has been based loosely upon my own opinions. :pilotfly:

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Thank you all for the kind words.


Here are some more pictures with the all switches mounted + a new overlay.


I'm not completely happy about the jettison safety covers, they are to long I think.


Also two small demo vids can be found here:














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Sorry littlejohn, these are handmade (no CNC) and I don't have any plans to manufacture these commercially.


I've attached the panel file below so you can make your own. I've used InkScape (http://www.inkscape.org/) for the design.






thats way over my head there mate .

thanks all the same though .

you have fun with your new toy there .

give yaself a pat on the back mate .

its a fantastic job .:thumbup::thumbup:

cheers from here .


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Great work! Keep it up and soon you'll have full Ka-50 cockpit!)

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Great Work! :thumbup:


What kind of interface do you use between opencockpits (sioc?) and DCS:BS?

-Is it the SIOC KeyboardEmulator for inputs towards BS?


How do you get data from BS to drive your OC-outputs?


Thank you very much!







Right now I use the SIOC KeyboardEmulator for inputs, which works kinda OK for simple commands. Hopefully the PCIP will allow us to send switch position directly to the sim i.e. "put switch 52 to position 4" or similar.


Today with key-emulator since most keyboard commands only allow you to toggle switches you have to make sure that the physical switches are in the correct position when you start the sim or you will be out of sync.


For outputs, I have no idea at this point how this is going to work, again well see what the PCIP contains I guess.


For me the ideal solution would of course be if ED implemented the IOCP protocol into BS *Hint* *Hint* :music_whistling:


And again, thank you all for the kind words of encouragement.



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Hi Oakes, excellent work!

Did you use the SOIC to preset those values for the 7 segments when you flick those toggles? I wonder what kind of controls you have right now without the PCIP on outputs.


Yep, currently I have no feedback from the sim. I just wanted to show that when we get the PCIP I can get the info up on the displays etc.



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