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TM Warthog Collective Curves/Saturation

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Hello all. Like many others I have recently got back into the Mi-8 in anticipation of the upcoming Hind module. While relearning the techniques and procedures for the Hip it reminded me of something I noticed in the past but never thought to bring to the forums. So on to the question. 

I use the TM Warthog Throttle for my Collective input, specifically the right throttle, although I keep them locked together and have the axis curves and saturation set up as recommended in Chucks wonderful guide. For the most part this works out great but I have noticed that more often than not the amount of input required at the “sweet spot” to either maintain straight and level flight, or to descend at a safe vertical speed in order to prevent entering VRS, is extremely small. I know that using such a short travel axis is nothing like the fine input that can be achieved with a proper collective, but has anyone come up with axis settings for the Warthog that might give a little more “granularity” or precision in the middle part of the axis? I imagine there is a sweet spot in terms of X or Y saturation that may achieve what I am looking for but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how to make this work. 

Has anyone else ever had this thought, and figured out a solution? I would love to hear the thoughts and ideas of the community. Thanks all!

i7-7700K @ 5.2Ghz

SLI 1080Ti

64GB GSkill Trident Z RGB 4133

Asus Maximus IX Extreme

Custom Water Cooling Loop

TM Warthog/ MFG Crosswind

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I assign the left TM Warthog Throttle lever as the twist throttle on the collective which I find helps when coming into the hover, minor reduction seems to help me at least at low speed. 

May not be correct but what ever works. Maintaining straight and level flight for me is by using the three autopilot channels.

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I have a TM warthog as well. Right throttle is collective, left is corrector, or throttle, or whatever whatever the comrades call it. I use no curves or saturation and I fly the Hip just fine. I don't feel like you need curves at all. As long as you are paying attention to the buffet that signals you are losing translational lift and keep your vertical decent speed less than 5 m/s during that transition, you should be fine. That might be why you are feeling so much sensitivity in the sweet spot, a curve will always give you more sensitivity in some spots than others. Just try it without curves or saturation.

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