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Ground Units Refuse to Move Forward in Convoy

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Hello - I had a convoy of assorted vehicles (an armoured vehicle then two unarmoured vehicles in a repeating pattern) and I had them set to move forward on the road.  The first couple units moved, but the rest piled up on the side of the road because one of the units wouldn't move forward.  I had the ROE set to Return Fire and the skill range of each unit ranged from Average to High.

I will attach the trk file.

AI Pathfinding Bug.trk

*Quick clarification that might be useful, I had them set to hold at their starting position until flag 2 was true (which was caused by a radio transmission I made through the f10 radio menu).

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The mission requires the convoy to stop at certain waypoints (using the hold waypoint command) for 5 minutes.  This means that, after the five minutes, the AI have the same problem where they pile up on the side of the road.  This time, though, they stopped at a waypoint that is in the middle of a city so they can't pathfind a way to sort the spacing out.

No matter how much I speed up time, the ground units won't budge.

I hope this can get fixed, because it's making a simple convoy escort mission a lot more difficult than I initially intended.

On a related note, does anyone know if using the trigger "AI off" and "AI on" will stop and start the units?  I'm trying to come up with workarounds.

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11 hours ago, Flappie said:

Hi @[TF-108] Aero. Mixing vehicles does this. It is a very old bug. Try to put the laggy vehicles at the end of the convoy, or in a separate convoy.

The SET AI OFF command stops a convoy, yes, but it also "unplugs" AI. You may prefer using GROUP STOP.

Ok, thanks for the reply.  Someone already recommended to me that I use the Group Stop Trigger, and it is working much better.

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