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[FIXED] J-11A cockpit bugged as of latest patch

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Title says it. I can not zoom in and out and change my heads position. The standard setting is way different from the Su-27 one too, not allowing me to see my airbrake and generally anything in the rear hemisphere.


Another bug that i have been wanting to report for a while is that when you speed up the simulation in a singleplayer mission, while flying a J-11A, you can not slow it down again. Forcing you to restart the mission or finish it at 2x,4x,8x,16x etc. speed. This bug has been in DCS for a while.

I cant show this with a track, just speed up the simulation speed in a singleplayer mission and try to decrease it to normal again while flying J-11A.

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could you try attached files?

1. unzip, then you will get J-11A.lua and Views/J-11A.lua

2. copy and paste them to DCS\CoreMods\aircraft\ChinaAssetPack\Entries\Aircrafts\

3. existing j-11a.lua will be replaced, and a new folder Views will present


then try again

j11a view.zip

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