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Late Activation for Static Units  

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  1. 1. Do mission designers see the value in having late activation for Static Units? (Along with a Trigger Action to do so)

    • Yes, I would totally use something like this.
    • No, I wouldnt use this ever.

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Dear all, this came up in internal discussion. Would Mission Builders be interested in having late activation for Static Units?


This is the only topic for this poll, doesn't mean its priority over anything else, or that its the only thing we are doing, we just value your opinion on this specific option.



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yes please... and also being able to group static units like normal active units.

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Please yes! This is something that it has been a limit for us! It will allow us to create new target zones as the mission progresses just to say something over the top of my head without getting into MIST, MOOSE or similar scripts!

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Of course.


More options are always better and you could easily change to look of certain areas by trigger...

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It would also be nice to have a late deactivation for carriers that way after a certain time in the mission or maybe even a way to use it with triggers the carrier changes it's deck layout from a launch layout to a recovery layout and vice versa

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As someone that has tried and failed multiple times to learn scripting to accomplish things the mission editor does not provide, I have been wanting this for quite some time.


Strong yes vote from me. Thanks.

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Yes please, useful in carrier ops, imo.

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That would be a handy feature for sure. But in my opinion a lot better would be, if most of the assets in the static category (like structures, FARP assets, factories,...) would be available in the group section in the structure type. You can do a lot more and easier scripting and ME handling with the groups as with the statics. And one can add some of the statics by lua modding so it wouldn't be a huge task for most statics. E.g. spawn a FARP with tents and generators, use all the triggers with it as you can with the other groups, copy your FARP layout and use it in other locations on the map and so on.

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I can't think of a single practical use case for myself, nor for my squadron.


9 minutes ago, Borin said:



dont like it to solve this everytime by a script



Hold on, we DO have a use case for late activation of static units? Darn. Consider my "No" vote erroneous. 😄

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