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Game stutter: Likely a Windows update issue.


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As PCGamer reports, there are multiple reports of random stutters, unstable frame rates, and V-Sync being broken when enabled in games. The common factor seems to be the April update for Windows 10, and more specifically the installation of a cumulative patch as part of the update.

On Windows 10 version 2004 (20H1), the cumulative patch is known as KB5001330, whereas on Windows 10 versions 1930 and 1909, it's known as KB5001337. It's also not a new problem, with a preview of the update causing similar problems for those who installed it earlier this month. Nvidia even suggested rolling back the cumulative patch to solve the issues.

In a post on Reddit, user m4ddan confirmed uninstalling the patch works, explaining, "Microsoft forced the april update, but it has the same issues, we had experienced with the previous optional update. Random stutter, unstable fps, vsync seems broken sometimes, if i screen share on discord my fps in games become very unstable with vsync enabled. Uninstalling it makes everything back to normal."


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Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem in my case.


I still have massive stuttering, it didn't appear at 2.7 update, but 2 or 3 days later.


Maybe the nvidia update ?



I solded the problem after reading another post::



Monitor @ 60 HZ



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