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Big problem with the cockpit and the reflections


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I see a very tiny plexiglass reflection now, as for the HUD. I feel i can put my hands through the glass, i don't like in this way.

Personally i'd prefer a more concrete effect, a bit more.


But it's a personal feeling.


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On 6/26/2021 at 2:33 PM, myHelljumper said:

Hey guys, is this still an issue in the latest OB ?

In general HUD reflections seem improved/gone while in the air (not sure which ED patch toned it down) and are similar in strength between first and second runs of a mission.


However there's a strong HUD reflection the ground. IIRC it's dependent on the lighting conditions i.e. it's not usually as noticeable.


There wasn't a strong (any ?) HUD reflection until after landing.



After turning off all the lights and power the HUD reflection is still there, so it looks like a bug but perhaps not the same one.




Tested DCS Open Beta


M2K HUD Reflections after landing, 2_7_3.trk

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