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TID Brighness to low!

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On 7/20/2021 at 5:01 PM, FoxTwo said:

To be honestly I don't know that it's too dim it's just that the lines are so thin they are difficult to see in bright lighting conditions.

I can see NAV on the HSD just fine but the TID repeater is just a struggle.


Yes the problem is mainly that the lines and text are way to thin!  I have given up on a fix for this easy problem, they just dont care.  Its been like this for over 5 month soon, and still no fix for it!

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On 7/18/2021 at 11:31 AM, Cobra847 said:


We may increase the brightness of the TID slightly in one of the coming patches.


What we will not do however, is to boost it to unrealistic levels of brightness - and certainly not to levels seen on a photo with long exposure or at night. Keep in mind that the sun outputs a lot of lumens, and it will absolutely overwhelm backlighting for buttons and screens.


Unrealistic? My God Man, this is a simulator not real life. Your customers are complaining about your product and you take a hard stance on realistic vs unrealistic. I'm guessing if you want realistic you will find ways to implement the processes real life pilots use to deal with such issues. I find it a bit arrogant to brush off so many complaints about lighting brightness, or lack there of, overall. For a premium module, it should work as well as the F18, F16, and others. It simply doesn't. The texturing is so beat up in the cockpit the user can't read the labels. This plane is old but we're assuming it is flying in its prime. It isn't a piece of junk glued together for a 2021 air show. Please fix the lighting. And while you are at it fix the sounds. You can't even hear the engines spool up on start-up and opening the canopy makes zero change to the engine volume. I was on the USS JFK during the late 70's and I can tell you those F14 engines make some noise.

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