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so much glare

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first off a big thank you for the update, i think 90% of it is brilliant, the sounds are just great !

but over the sea the glare and reflections are just too much, its near white out sometimes, i havent changed any of my settings, my brightness has always been 1.8, unless i need to change more with the update?

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That is actually quite realistic. Many aircraft have crashed into the sea because they cannot tell the water from the horizon in certain circumstances. Reading your instruments is quite necessary in this environment.

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I agree about the clouds reflections, they are too aggressive, specially in heavy seas with high waves, the more waviness, the less noticeable the reflections should be. About the sun reflection, well, it might be a bit too intense, but I think the reason for this is that the way the sun is reflecting in the water is not realistic which makes the reflection to concentrate too much into one spot. The sun reflection should spread MUCH more  along the horizontal and specially the vertical axis. The "white" look is correct, actually it should look even whiter. Some real life images to ilustrate what I mean:








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In VR the cloud reflections on the canopy are to bright. The stay there even you fly at above 15k making identification of another aircraft almost impossible.

Looked at several videos from Mig_21 and 29 on youtube and never saw similar effects in reality. In fact the higher you get the reflections are almost totally fade out.


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