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the best black shark beta tester...


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Have the beta testers ever fought or flown in multi-player?


Of course, many of our testers are concentrated on Multiplayer Game. Verifying all the items of MP functionality checklist is a standard procedure at any new build, so various types of weapons employment and flight procedures are affected by tests in this area too.

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Of course




So the question still stands. Whos the best in a head to head combat? :) Next test flight you do, try to find some time and do best out of three. Much glory will come the top dog's way from the community. :D


Alex "Snuffer" D.

AMD FX8350 (8 core) 4.1GHZ ::: 8GB Dominator 1600mhz ::: GTX660 2GB ::: 2xHD ::: 24" ASUS

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Don't listen to anyone here, there's only one truth: one way or another - we all suck :D


Guess what - when BS comes out you'll suck too! :D

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"See, to me that's a stupid instrument. It tells what your angle of attack is. If you don't know you shouldn't be flying." - Chuck Yeager, from the back seat of F-15D at age 89.


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at first everyone will suck (at piloting the blackshark),

then after a while you should suck less than before.

when someone new comes along, theoretically they should

suck more than you, as you should now suck less than you did originally.

if you still find you suck more than the new guy sucks,

when you should in fact suck less than a new sucker

then after a while you will realize that hey, i really suck.

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