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One huge missing landscape

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The building is still the smallest problem.
Very important cities in Syria or strategically very important areas are missing

- Army bases (Army + Air Force, etc.)
- important cities like Daraa on the border with Libya do not exist and there are / were very important units.

I also know that you can't recreate every village 
.. but a little more should be possible. 




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On 4/19/2021 at 5:34 PM, Mab8 said:

Hallo everybody,


and other important infrastructure 





It's actually not that important, no front line ( Fast Air) operate from it, most of the active Airbases for actual combat missions are either Balad for the Iraqi AF F16's, Taji for the Iraqi Rotary wing, and Al Asad (mixed).
I am presently running 2 security teams out of Taji, and see and hear the Mi28's and Mi 35's on a regular basis, my best guess is that Al Mursanat is mostly logistic only to replen the FOB's in and around that Location (Near Korean Village)

Now......if they were to expand to cover Al Asad, that would be most welcome too, went there many many times between 2006-2008.

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