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minimized Dedicated Server 2.7 Web GUI stops responding

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I found a reproducible bug:
The server web GUI of the dedicated server v2.7 is not responding when the server window is minimized. It still appears to be online tho.

The connect to server popup will eventually time out and show an error. When the minimized window is restored visible the console imediatley connects.

When words aren't enouth: youtu.be/AfqMHJeSYm8


(Similar things happen whenever you keep the window in move mode - for example while moving the window to the side, afterwards not actually sending a button release to the window, so tecnically the window would follow your cursor forever. happened to me once when the remote connection to the physical machine was lost - anyway, in this case not only the web GUI but the whole server is not responding any more)

server owners: don't minimize dedicated server windows atm,

happy bug fixing ED,

have a nice day everybody,

- fixed with openbeta dedicated server

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Posted (edited)


I observe a guaranteed hang instead of can hang, also all dedicated server connections instead of the window, the window itself is still responsive.

These are different things imo but I agree it is probably that already known issue. Good eyes.

Was this already in the 2.7 Forum Post yesterday that somehow became a link to the Changelog?

If so it slipped through my eyes and I'm very sry. Sb close this plz. All I can do is offer myself as a tester then. ¯\(°_o)/¯

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I've got a similar problem, I posted here.

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