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Download spped of My PC is much slower using DCSW, are there ports or something that can be changed ?


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  I live up on top of a mountain and one of the last houses to have internet.   I recently downloaded 179GB;s  and started flying MSFS2020
and it took me days to do, but I was getting an average of 4-8MBps.   I am now downloading 2.7 and as usual for all of the DCS DL's of
the past few years, I only get 0.7 KBps  ( less then one meg ) and I was wondering why this always happens ?    Its not like I am downloading
this from Russia with a ping rate of 210 or something.....

  Thank You if anyone can give me a link or advice if there are ways to use ports or something that would at least give me
the same download speed that MSFS 2020 has.   With the new clouds, I cant wait to fly in DCS as Microsoft is very boring
to Me, but I wanted to try out the Corsair F4U and become accustomed to its startup and flight controls, so I bought it.

  Lastly I hope the Marianas Islands is released soon.

    Clear Skies


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