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We are the 600 squadron.
A serious & proficient yet, casual bunch of gentlemen who remember that DCS must be the
coolest game ever however, that's what it is. 
An emphasis on operating as a group and generally, having fun.
EU/UK based.

  • Dedicated Discord.
  • Several servers 24/7 (open Beta). 
  • Weekly mission (Sat) 
  • Occasional activities during the week (warbirds night, training missions .etc).
  • PVE missions made to suit all members. 
  • Accepting pilots of all skill & level. 
  • Fly whatever you fancy.
  • No check-ride needed. 

We're looking for new members to join us. 
Our only requirements: 
  •  Be a mature & pleasant person. 
  •  Have a sense of Humour.
PM for more details.
DC: Dealer#3733


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