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Instant action mission "Normandy-Close Air Support" causes dramatic frame rate drop

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I have run this mission several times and the same happens every time: When a fair number of objects have been killed, the frame rate drops dramatically. It gets as low low as 5 and eventually the game freezes. Usually the behaviour gets erratic when the frame rate drops. Typically, the auto turn to target malfunctions, making the chopper turn away from the target, and stabilization gets erratic.

I have not seen this behaviour on other missionswith the Black Shark or any other aircraft.


Windows 10 Pro 64Bit | i7-4790 CPU |16 GB RAM|SSD System Disk|SSD Gaming Disk| MSI GTX-1080 Gaming 8 GB| Acer XB270HU | TM Warthog HOTAS | VKB Gladiator Pro | MongoosT-50 | MFG Crosswind Pedals | TrackIR 5

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